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Dr. Thomas M. Brown

On August 19, 1944 2nd Battalion, 27th Marines, 5th Marine Division disembarked at Hilo docks, and may have boarded the narrow gauge, island railroad for the 65-mile trip to Camp Tarawa, which would be home for the 5th Marine Division for the next four and one-half months. Lieutenant (jg) Thomas M. Brown, M.D., on the left, and 1st Lieutenant Donald E. Hendricks were two of Jack's friends. Doc Brown was a Navy surgeon assigned to 2nd Battalion, and Don Hendricks was an officer in 2nd Battalion. 

Doc Brown would treat Jack at 2nd Battalion Aid Station before transferring him to 5th Division Field Hospital on March 8, 1945.

Don Hendricks would die of wounds on Iwo Jima. He was posthumously awarded the Silver Star. 

In the combat photograph, Doc Brown is working to save a life in 2nd Battalion Aid Station near the Battalion Command Post. He has a surgical instrument in his right hand, and is third from the left clockwise around the wounded man.

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