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Battle Wounds of Iwo Jima by Dr. Thomas M. Brown 

William M. “Bill” Eslinger, Secretary-Treasurer of North Dakota Iwo Jima Veterans Association, after reading Doc Brown's book, wrote: 

“Stunned in its accurate, painful and absolute chronology of the events that unfolded on IWO JIMA for thirty-six days literally on the front lines throughout. Your book will become ‘front line’ reading of every Marine throughout our land.”


Doc Brown’s book is an excellent read. His writing graphically describes combat experiences of individual Marines,  mental and physical wounding of survivors and those who did not survive combat. He explains the lethal effects of, “Intense waves of compressed atmosphere generated by the explosive forces of large shells.” He relates the fascinating story of "The Yellow Bird." A must read for anyone interesting in the history of World War II. 

Medal of Honor recipient First Lieutenant Jack Lummus is mentioned a number of times through the book, and prominently on pages 141-45.

Dr. Brown Bio   Dr. Thomas M. Brown

Battle Wounds of Iwo Jima, Dr. Thomas M. Brown, Vantage Press, Inc., New York, 2002.

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