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Field of Honor

Texas State Cemetery

Veterans Day 2005


Dedication Ceremony:


VE-VJ - World War II Monument
Medal of Honor Recipient Jack Lummus Monument



Harry Bradley, Superintendent, Texas State Cemetery

Posting of the Colors

Baylor University ROTC

National Anthem

Huston--Tillotson Choir


Monsignor Fred Bomar, St. Peter the Apostle Church, Austin, Texas

Pledge of Allegiance

Recognition of Veterans and Introductions

Ralph Wayne, Vice Chairman, Friends of the Texas State Cemetery

Introduction of Speaker

Scott Sayers, Chairman, Texas State Cemetery Committee

Dedicatory Address VE-VJ Monument

David Dewhurst, Lt. Governor of Texas

Introduction of Speaker

Scott Sayers

Dedicatory Address Jack Lummus Monument

William D. Underwood, Interim President, Baylor University

Baylor University Speaker

Brigadier General Maria Owens, United States Air Force

Wreath Laying Ceremony

Mrs. Zita W. (Crow) Wright, Lt. Governor David Dewhurst, Mr. William D. Underwood and Brigadier General Maria Owens

U.S. Marine Corps Hymn

Huston--Tillotson Choir


Will Davis, Senior Pastor, Austin Christian Fellowship

Echo Taps

Baylor University ROTC

God Bless America

Huston--Tillotson Choir


Veterans Day 2005:Ceremony   1st Lieutenant Jack Lummus    USNS 1st Lt Jack Lummus

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