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Waxahachie Game 1941

The Waxahachie Daily Light, Sunday edition, September 28, 1941:

Waxahachie Indians Battle Ennis To Scoreless Deadlock

Record Breaking Crown Throngs New Field

WAXAHACHIE Sept. 26—On the basis of a recent District 10-AA decision which banned the penetration rule in the district, the Waxahachie Indians are now credited in district standing with a half game won and a half game loss, after playing the Ennis High School Lions to a scoreless deadlock before a record breaking crowd of 5000 people on the new Indian Field Friday night.

Getting off to an unusually slow start for a typical Ennis v. Waxahachie tussle, the game never snapped to life until the fourth quarter when the ball exchanged hands an even dozen times on pass interceptions, punts and fumbles.

The Indians were dealt a crushing blow in the middle of the second quarter when officials ruled Coach Logan Stollenwerck’s only capable fullback, big Hubert Allen, off the field on charges of unnecessary roughness. In that same ill-fated stanza Dallas Bowmer, 204-pound guard, injured his arm, but returned to resume play at the start of the second half. The Redskins were without the services of Milton ”Mountain” Musick speedy halfbacks, who were ruled ineligible by district vote, Wednesday night.

R. M. Benton, regular center, took Allen’s place in the secondary for the remainder of the game, and Elgin Eskeridge, reserve combination center and tackle, filled the pivot post. Roscoe Capers was picked to play in Musick’s place, and his 35-yard punting average was a highlight of the battle.

Ennis threatened to score early in the second quarter after driving the ball from the Waxa 36 to the 13 where they were stopped by a stubborn Indian forward wall. Again in the middle of the third-period the Waxahachians were in danger of being scored upon when Ennis recovered an Indian fumble on their 22-yard line, but again a lighting line held.

Passing his team to victory against the strong Woodrow Wilson “eleven” in Dallas last week, field general Hal Curry almost duplicated his feat Friday night, but his beautiful fourth quarter 50 and 60-yard heaves intended for Cornwell and Capers were long by inches.

Mock and Cikanek turned in good gains for Ennis in the backfield, but Curry’s line bucking was easily the outstanding issue of the ground game. Not once was he stopped for less than a yard through the Ennis line.

The entire game was interrupted with coaches substitutions, Lions’ Coach Chatty Davidson taking advantage of the new ruling allowing re-substitution after one-play has been run.

In Coach LT Felty’s staunch Indian line, 142-pound guard-back Neal led the others with 14-tackles. Wingman Charles York came in to rack up 10-tackles to his credit, and Cornwell, Ledwell, Layne, Bowmer, Benton, Eskridge all came in for their share. York and Cornwell, again, showed up for their miraculous job of turning in would-be Ennis end sweeps.

Starting Lineup

Waxahachie Ennis
No. Name Wt. Pos. Wt. Name No.
30 Cornwell 160 L.E. 175 Emerson 21
58 Layne 208 L.T. 160 Prachyl 41
61 Neal 144 L.G. 155 Pierce 45
66 Benton 155 C 157 Lavender 30
69 Bowmer 204 R.G. 175 Houdek 26
34 Ledwell 202 R.T. 200 Rosprim 34
42 York 154 R.E. 159 Goodwin 43
40 Curry 154 Q.B. 178 Mock 22
26 Capers 148 L.H. 158 Crow 24
80 Joslin 160 R.H. 170 B. Pool 48
77 Allen 176 F.B. 168 Cikanek 33


Waxahachie Ennis
7 First Downs 4
79 Net Yards Gained Rushing 81
7 Passes Completed 3
94 Net Yds. Gained Passing 19
12 Incomplete Passes 9
2 Passes Intercepted By 4
1 Fumbles Recovered By 2
35-yds. Punting Average 30-yds.
30-yds. Penalties 30-yds.


The above article appeared in the Waxahachie Daily Light in 1941

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