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War Stories

The Battle for Iwo Jima Set to Music, Written, and Performed by Brian Kelley and Social Lubrication

Corporal Thomas J. McGuire, 13th Marines (artillery regiment), 5th Marine Division, was the inspiration for WAR STORIES.  

Mr. Kelley wrote:  "Thomas J. McGuire was my Grandfather.  My Mother's father.  To say the very least about him, He was a great man.  He was many things to many people over the years.  In 1945, he was a Soldier for the United States Marine Corps, 5th Division.  Only 19 years old, he landed on Iwo Jima and fought for his country along with 70,000 other Marines against 22,000 Japanese in a brutal, gladiator-style, epic fight.

"My Grandfather always spoke openly of his experience with the Marines, especially their accomplishments on Iwo Jima.  However, he omitted the horrors on Iwo Jima...the horrors of what he and so many other men experienced, in the face of war.

"The foundation for my vision in WAR STORIES is based on strength, integrity, valor, courage, trust, and bond.  Men like my Grandfather exhibited and defined these traits.  They did so in ways that only a veteran soldier could.  This piece is told through the eyes and psyche of the soldier.... a series of mental and physical experiences, brought on by the extreme circumstances of battle.

"I envision images of the soldiers daunting trip to the beach..... the paralyzing fear upon arrival..... the hell of day combat..... the temporary night relief..... the surrender of an enemy and island..... and the return, burdening the soldier with yet another battle.  Harsh memories from Iwo Jima that lasted a lifetime.

"These are the soldier's WAR STORIES."

Please visit BRIAN KELLEY MUSIC.  Click on Listen, on the left of screen, and "War Stories" Outake  under Listening Room.  To order WAR STORIES, released on CD March, 24, 2007, please contact Brian Kelley at brian@briankelleymusic.com

The picture and text are courtesy of Brian Kelley Music, Braintree, Massachusetts.  

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