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Biography of Reginald D. Tolar

Ennis, Texas

Reginald Tolar was a master sergeant in the United States Army. He was stationed at the Sacramento Air Base in Sacramento, Sacramento County, California. He was a crewmember on a twin-engine transport plane. While on a routine training flight on December 22, 1942 from Sacramento Air Base, Tolarís plane crashed, and all aboard were killed. 

He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Tolar of Ennis, and the spouse of the former Miss Patricia Ann Beaurels of Louisville, Kentucky. He was schooled in Ennis, and graduated Ennis High School. He played football for the Lions, and was an important part of the 1933 Ennis Lions football team, and a teammate of Jack Lummus, Luther Lusk and Charles Ricks. All four died serving their country during World War II.

In 1933 Ennis High School was unscored on through the fifth game of the season, and had scored 144 points against their opponents. But in the sixth game against State Home in Corsicana, they were scored on, and defeated 12 to 6. This was their only loss, and they finished the season in second place in District 17-B behind State Home. At the end of the season, the Lions had scored 233 points to their opponents 26. Brooks Conover was head coach.

Master Sergeant Reginald D. Tolar is listed on the Waxahachie Daily Light Honor Roll, and the Ellis County Veterans Memorial.

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