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Peggy and Luther Lusk and Family

Peggy and Luther

Margaret "Peggy" Lillian Shema and Luther Rufus Lusk were married at Yuma, Arizona on August 1, 1942.  Luther was killed in combat in Germany on April 1, 1945.  Peggy makes her home in western Colorado. 


Joan Louise and Michael Luther

Joan was four months and Michael two years old when their father died in combat.  Joan is married living in western Colorado with her husband, Gary Ballantyne.  Michael is married living in southern California with his wife, Bene.

Luther's life ended on foreign soil as a young man defending freedom, and his legacy lives today in his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  His grandchildren are Tiffany, Guy, Shalani, Jacqueline, Donald Henry Eugene, Marva Jean and Tama Lyn.  They live throughout California, Arizona, and Colorado.  Luther's great-grandchildren number an even dozen (Christopher, Gary, Jessica, Jacob, Shelby, Ashlyn, Donnie, David, Chloe, Sean, Brady, and Natalie) and counting.

Biography of Luther Rufus Lusk

The pictures and bio information are courtesy of Tama Lyn Stull, granddaughter of Luther Rufus Lusk.

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