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Iwo Jima D-day

East beach was selected for the landing of assault troops on Iwo Jima, west beach was an option. At 0645 on February 19, 1945, Vice Admiral Richmond Kelly Turner, Commander of Combined Task Force 52, ordered "Land the Landing Force." H-hour was set for 0900.

East beach was approximately 3,500 yards in length, and divided into seven landing sections, 500-yards long. Each section was designated by a color and numeral. The southern most section, nearest to Mount Suribachi, was Green One followed by Red One, Red Two, Yellow One, Yellow Two, Blue One and Blue Two. Fifth Marine Division troops would land on the green and red sections, and 4th Marine Division on the yellow and blue.

Third Marine Division was in floating reserve off the coast of Iwo Jima, and would began landing troops on February 21.

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