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Hillsboro Game 1941

The Hillsboro Evening Mirror, Saturday edition, October 4, 1941:

Hillsboro Eagles Win 6 to 0 In Rugged Mud Battle From Ennis Lions

Scoring In First Minute Of Play, The Eagles Stopped Ennis Attack At Crucial Moments; Visitors Practically Eliminated From District Running

By Joe Fields Merrow

HILLSBORO Oct. 3—Store these names in your memory book for good. Northcutt and Co-Captain Langford, two capable ends; Carmichael and Miller, two sterling tackles; Johnson and Co-Captain Fawcett, acting captain for the night, two outstanding guards; McEver, a great center; Elmer Curtis, quarterback, good kicker and runner; Cunningham and Cannon, two alert halfbacks; Hewitt, fullback, dependable, with these capable substitutes. Autry, Cleveland and Clary, ends; Blount, a tackle; Lawrence, a guard and J. Curtis and Ramirez, backs, along with two outstanding coaches, Frank James and Charles Romine. These were the men who braved the elements and defatted the highly touted Ennis eleven 6 to 0 Friday night in a district 10-AA game that was played on a muddy Frazier Field and in the rain some of the time. The Eagles struck in the first minute of play, when Curtis found a hole gaping in the Ennis line that his teammates made for him and drifted through for a touchdown. The Lions, a more veteran club, had been boomed for district honors and the feat of defeating a club that threatened on several occasions is worth writing home about. Incidentally according to my statistics Ennis led in first downs 4 to 3, but I will admit I was so excited I could have missed one of Hillsboro’s. The Eagles are undefeated in four games played, have won their first two conference battles and meet Corsicana here next week. Results of other games by District 10-AA teams were: in a interdistrict game Tyler defeated Corsicana 13 to 7, while in district battles Waxahachie defeated Cleburne 6 to 0. Bryan won from Mexia 13 to 0.

Hillsboro was without the services of Williams, who usually alternates with Johnson at one guard post. He sustained cuts on the head in a car wreck here Thursday.

Ennis flashed brilliantly at times with its passing and running attack. Among the stars for that club were Goodwin, Rosprim, Mock, Crow and Cikanek.

Of course bad weather cut down the attendance, but the people on hand saw a good game and the band performed up to par with the musicians having a special number at the half.

First Quarter

Ennis defended the north goal and received. Gardiner returned the kickoff to his own 32-yard line before being dropped by Miller. Crow was stopped by Cannon for no gain. Langford blocked a punt and Ennis recovered on their own 20-yard line. Goodwin punts to his 25-yard line, the ball rolling back to the line of scrimmage and it is Hillsboro’s on the 25-yard line. E. Curtis and Cunningham fail in two tries and then with his mates driving a big hole in the Ennis line, Curtis slipped through tackle for the yardage and touchdown. It was a neat run through the Ennis line and secondary. The rushing Ennis club stopped Fawcett’s extra point try. The score came in the first minute of play.

Failing to gain after the kickoff Goodwin punts to the Hillsboro 15-yard line. Curtis kicked on second down, and Mock stepped out of bounds on his 34-yard line after making a 14-yard return. Fawcett and Langford prevent big gains in two tries and Hillsboro gets the ball on their own 35-yard line after a punt, but Curtis Kicked on third down, neatly placed the ball on the Ennis eight-yard line, and Mock returned it to his own 18-yard stripe. Curtis has done an excellent job of punting. Keeping the ball away from the Eagle goal line. Langford and Miller stopped two plays, and there is an exchange of punts, with one Hillsboro punt being blocked and B. Pool picked up the ball and ran to the Eagle 27-yard line as the period ended.

Second Quarter

Rain began to fall at this stage of the game, but the field seemed to be in unusually good playing condition. Fawcett stopped Pool on a try over tackle. Hillsboro got a penalty for being off sides and Ennis has the ball on our 17-yard line. The Eagles recovered an Ennis fumble but got a 15-yard penalty and are backed up to the five-yard line. Hewitt in two tries picked up 16-yards and Curtis punted 20-yards, Ennis getting the ball on our 37-yard line. Three plays later, Mock fumbled and Curtis recovered for Hillsboro on our 37-yard line. Curtis has to punt back and Mock is stopped on his own 30-yard line where McEver stopped him. Failing to gain, Goodwin booted to the Hillsboro nine-yard line to Curtis who returned to his 20-yard stripe.

Failing materially to gain, Curtis punted high and out of bounds on the west side of the line on the 42-yard line. The new rule requiring three dry balls on a wet field now helped the game decidedly. The officials kept three balls in constant rotation.

After two other attempts were no good, a long pass Mock to Emerson was good for 28-yards and first down on our 31-yard line. Mock was unsuccessful in his next two heaves, finding no one to throw it to the next attempt and then Clary knocked down a pass attempt. Finally the Eagles get the ball on their own 30-yard line. The maroon and white club was in possession of the ball at the half.

Third Quarter

Langford returned the kickoff to his own 35-yard line and when the Eagles failed to gain Curtis punted 32-yards, the Ennis receiver being downed by McEver, Fawcett and Langford. The Ennis club has to punt, and there are two more exchanges of kicks, which gives Hillsboro the ball on the Ennis 47-yard line. Cunningham passed 20-yards to Hewitt on our famous hideout play. Passes fail and Ennis gains the ball on their own 20-yard line.

Two plays later Crow kicked for 50-yards and Curtis finally had to punt 33-yards and it is the Lions’ ball on their own 39-yard stripe. Mock and Crow have to punt, but a penalty for Hillsboro gives the ball to them on their own 24-yard line. J. Curtis and brother Elmer Curtis, pick up five-yards in two thrusts and then E. Curtis punted 58-yards, the Lions getting the ball on their own 12-yard line as the quarter ends.

Fourth Quarter

Goodwin punts 34-yards and Hillsboro gets the ball on Ennis 46-yard line. Cikanek intercepts a Hillsboro ball and it is Ennis’ ball on our 49-yard line. Three plays later Langford recovered a fumble on the Ennis 47-yard line.

There is an exchange of punts and the Ennis receiver on the last one seemed headed for a touchdown but little Northcutt ran him out of bounds on the Hillsboro 28-yard line. With eight-minutes left to play, a pass is incomplete and then McEver intercepts a pass on the Ennis 30-yard line, and in turn Ennis does the same and it is their ball on their own 22-yard line. Cunningham reached high up in the air to knock down a sure pass and touchdown. Mock passed 33-yards to Emerson, another pass Mock to Goodwin was good for eight-yards. Another pass Mock to Crow was good for 11-yards and a first down. Ennis gets a five-yard penalty. McEver stopped a play at end. Mock passes 10-yards to B. Pool, on our 25-yard line. A line thrust fails and the ball goes over. Curtis has to punt but a short time later an Eagle batted the ball out of an Ennis player’s way, enabling Clary to intercept it just as the game ended.

Starting Lineup

Hillsboro Ennis
No. Name Wt. Pos. No. Name Wt.
63 Northcutt 141 L.E. 43 Goodwin 155
72 Charmichael 246 L.T. 34 Rosprim 205
66 Johnson 166 L.G. 26 Houdek 175
74 McEver 174 C 46 P. Richter 160
71 Fawcett 175 R.G. 39 G. Richter 155
78 Miller 166 R.T. 50 L. Pool 185
70 Langford 152 R.E. 21 Emerson 175
55 Curtis 155 Q.B. 40 Gardiner
60 Cannon 156 L.H. 48 B. Pool 170
77 Cunningham 142 R.H. 24 Crow 158
50 Hewitt 150 F.B. 22 Mock 178


Hillsboro Description Ennis
3 First downs 4
27 Yards Gained Passing 80
1 of 6 Passes Completed 5 of 18
3 Passes Intercepted By 2
12 for 36 Punts and Average Yardage 10 for 33
45 Penalty Yardage 25


The above article appeared in the Hillsboro Evening Mirror in 1941

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