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Thelma Wright's Speech at the Luncheon

Thelma, standing at the podium, speaks to the guest at the luncheon hosted by General Dynamics Corporation in honor of the cosponsors: 

"I would like to say a special thanks to Mr. Oliver C. Boileau, President of General Dynamics Corporation, Mr. Gary S. Grimes, Corporate Vice President, Mr. James W. Muir, Ceremony Director, General Dynamics Quincy Shipbuilding Division, all employees of Quincy Shipbuilding Division, the Navy and the Marine Corps for the great honor bestowed on Jack." 

Thelma paused, and then continued, "His memory has never diminished in my mind and heart, and I have immense pride in the belief that his memory lives today in your minds and hearts. 

"America responded to Jack with freedom and opportunity. Jack responded to America with pride, honor and heroism. 

"May God bless the 1ST LT JACK LUMMUS, and all who sail with her? 

"I thank all of you." 

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