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Thelma and Sue Christen MV 1ST LT JACK LUMMUS

Standing before the bow of the soon to be christened 1ST LT JACK LUMMUS, Thelma and Sue spoke in unison: "We christen this ship 1ST LT JACK LUMMUS. May God bless her and all who sail with her." Gripping the necks of their silver-christening bottles with both hands like Jack gripping the handle of a new ash wood bat standing in the batter's box on Carroll Field at Baylor University waiting for the precise moment then swinging in unison marrying bottles to bow entering that very special relationship with their brother's namesake, the MV 1ST LT JACK LUMMUS  

After escorting Thelma and Sue to the cosponsor's platform Oliver C. Boileau, President of General Dynamics Corporation, stands behind them on the platform. 

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