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Henry Loyd and Elizabeth (Wheatley) Curby


Joe Loyd and Ted Curby

Loyd Curby was the fourth child and second son of Dr. John Henry and Ida (Mathews) Curby of Maypearl, and the older brother of Dr. Theodore Roosevelt Curby. 

Loyd and Elizabeth Curby with son Joe Loyd lived at 503 Farley Street in Waxahachie, Texas. When Loyd’s younger brother Ted enrolled in Trinity University in 1937, he moved into Loyd and Elizabeth’s home to be near the University. Ted lived with his brother’s family through May of 1940, and was the subject of admiration by his nephew, Joe Loyd. Joe was old enough to see and hear and remember events surrounding his Uncle Ted. He was old enough to form an opinion, and bond with his uncle, and see him with the eyes and mind of a young boy in the pure light of day.

No greater complement can be paid the younger brother of the father of the son who has great admiration for his uncle. 

All documents and pictures courtesy of Joe Loyd and Sally Jo (Pannill) Curby, and Loyd George Curby.

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