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Auburn Cemetery

The cenotaph honoring Dr. Ted Curby stands in the family lot at Auburn Cemetery in Ellis County, west of Maypearl off Farm Road 916. Ted and Marjorie’s son, Loyd George, sets on the left edge of the monument.  Loyd George was named after Ted's older brother Loyd Curby.

The monument was engraved and placed on the lot following a letter written on July 14, 1945 under direction of Ross T. McIntire, Vice Admiral (MC), Surgeon General, U.S. Navy, Department of the Navy, Bureau of Medicine & Surgery. The letter reads: 

“Dear Mrs. Curby: 

“You have been notified by the bureau of Naval Personnel, Navy Department, of the death of your husband, Lieutenant (j.g.) Theodore Roosevelt Curby, U.S. Naval Reserve, on April 28, 1945, in the performance of his duty and in the service of his country. According to information, which has come to this Bureau, burial has been made in the Seventh Marine Division Cemetery No. 1, Okinawa Jima, Ryukyu Islands. 

“Because of war conditions and for the duration of the war, the policy of the Navy Department (and of the War Department as well) necessarily has been to make interment in the locality where death occurs. 

“Following cessation of hostilities, and on request of the next of kin, arrangements will be made by this Bureau, if possible, for return to the United States of the remains of naval personnel interred in cemeteries beyond the continental United States. You may record your wishes now by letter to this Bureau, or, if you prefer, await the Bureau’s further inquiry at such future time, as it may be possible to determine a probable date. 

“The enclosed form outlines the provisions of law applicable to care of the remains of deceased naval personnel.” 

On March 11, 1949 the remains of Lieutenant (j.g.) Theodore Roosevelt Curby was reburied at Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery in San Antonio, Texas in plot R O 167.

All documents and pictures courtesy of Joe Loyd and Sally Jo (Pannill) Curby, and Loyd George Curby.

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