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Corsicana Game 1941

The Corsicana Daily Sun, Saturday edition, September 20, 1941:

Corsicana And Ennis Played To 6-6 Tie Game Friday Evening

Couple Of Great Lines Were Shown By Rival Coaches

Fumbles And Pass Interceptions Nullified Several Scoring Threats

By Paul Moore
Sun Sports Editor

ENNIS Sept. 19Corsicana Tigers and Ennis Lions battled to a 6-6 tie game in their District 10-AA battle on the Ennis Field Friday night as some 4,000 fans cheered their favorites. Corsicana clearly excelled the Ellis countians during the first half and apparently were headed for a win, but the Lions took charge of the situation in the last half and had a distinct advantage, especially in the aerial department.

Corsicana’s great line blocked well during the first half, and stopped the running attack cold. Ennis gaining 14 yards and losing three in the first half. Ennis’ line held Corsicana to 10-yards running to two loss in the last half while Ennis ran up yardage.

Fine punting on the part of Corsicana was a feature. Frequent fumbles marred the play of Corsicana and an intercepted pass within the 10-yard zone stopped what looked like another touchdown and the ballgame. The Ennis back sped back to mid-field to end the threat and put Corsicana on the defensive.

Both aggregations plainly showed the effects of their torrid pace late in the game and the hot weather proved disadvantageous to many of the boys. However, it was a couple of scrapping elevens on the field throughout the evening, shooting their every effort to bring victory to their side.

Both clubs were lucky to get out with a tie. Many fine blocking exhibitions were shown.

Prewitt Was Star

Felto Prewitt led the defensive work for the Bengals, but there were plenty of others in the limelight….The ends played fine and tackled hard while the center of the Bengal line was tough. Dew and Collier, new Bengal halves carried the ball much of the time. Both ripped off good gains and proved elusive in the open. Collier made several good return punts, but fumbled on several occasions.

Mock, the spearhead of the Ennis attack, was watched closely and gained little, but Cikanek, Emerson and others gained frequently in the last half.

Dew Scored

Corsicana’s score came in the first period. Ellett pounced on a fumble on the Ennis 16-yard stripe. Dew ripped away for nine yards and Cummings plunged two to the Ennis four-yard line. Cummings drove a yard over the stubborn Ennis line and then Dew ripped through a small opening over the goal line, fumbled the ball, but in the mad scramble managed to recover for the touchdown. Cummings placement was wide.

Corsicana threatened again in the opening quarter when Collier intercepted a pass and returned 25-yards to the Ennis 35-yard zone, but the threat was short-lived as Ennis recovered Dew’s fumble on her 30 as the first quarter ended.

In the second period, Collier ran back a punt to midfield, and then a series of slashes off the modified T-formation carried the ball to the Ennis 31-yard zone. A pass, Dew to Collier, was completed for 12-yards and Cummings made another first down to the Ennis 10-yard line.

Cikanek Intercepted

Cikanek intercepted a flat-zone pass on his 10 and returned 45-yards to the Corsicana 45-yard stripe, being finally hauled down by Collier to take the advantage away from the Navarro countians and put them on the defensive

The Bengal defense braced, however, and a short time later Dew quick-kicked 49-yards to the Ennis 15. Ennis punted 40 to Dew who returned but fumbled and Ennis gained the ball on her 45. A 13-yard pass was completed by Ennis. Dew later intercepted a pass but the ball bounced out of his grasp and Collier, running along with him, caught the ball before it touched the ground and spend back to mid-field before he was stopped as the half ended.

Bands and Pep Squads

The Corsicana and Ennis bands and pep squads, both colorful organizations, paraded during the intermission. The Corsicanans executed the V formation in fine shape.

Ennis threatened early in the third stanza after a punt. Rosprim of Ennis got the ball on the Corsicana 22. A pass was incomplete after thrusts had been stopped and Corsicana punted, Ennis putting the ball in play on the Corsicanan 41. Goodwin snagged a 21-yard pass and Ennis went on the touchdown drive. Cikanek gained 11-yards to the Corsicana nine and then Emerson gathered in Mock’s pass for the touchdown, but the attempt from placement was wide, leaving the score tied, 6-6, as it later ended. Ennis had possession of the ball on her 30-yard line as the period ended.

Corsicana changed to double-wing back formation, tried running and passing plays in the final period in an effort to forge ahead, but the alert and fighting Lions also were bent on not losing the game, and no exceptionally serious threat was made as the two teams battled away as the time was used up.

Collier fumbled and Ellett recovered on the Corsicana 30. After a punt, Ennis took over on her 32. Cikanek ran 28 yards behind fine blocking to the Corsicana 40-yard line and Andrews, sub guard, was hurt. Corsicana defense stiffened and the ball went over on downs on the Corsicana 32 after Mock had ripped eight-yards on the fourth down. Dew made three a pass was incomplete and then a pass, Dew to Collier, netted 13-yards, but the game ended a short time later with the two teams battling in mid-field.

Both teams played as units and if there were any particular weakness, they were not apparent.

 Starting Lineups

Corsicana Ennis
Name Position Name
Whitefield E Emerson
Nutt E Goodwin
Plyler T Rosprim
Carver T Prachyl
Chirafis G Houdek
Bunch G Pierce
Prewitt C Lavender
Ellett O.B. Crow
Dew H.B. Mock
Collier H.B. Cikanek2
Cummings F.B. B. Pool


Ennis: Rooker, Ritchter, Gardiner, Schoeps and L. Pool

Corsicana: McColpin, McNutt, Andrews and Ellington


Noah, Moon, Baccus and McCullough 


Corsicana Statistics Ennis
46-yds. Gained Rushing 90-yds.
16-yds. Lost Rushing 20-yds.
2 for 25-yds. Complete Passes 3 for 43-yds.
3 Incomplete Passes 6
2 Intercepted Passes 2
6 for 43-yd avg. Punts 8 for 30-yd. avg.
1 for 5-yd loss Penalties 3 for 25-yd loss
6 First Downs 4
80 Net Gains Scrimmage 118


The above article appeared in the Corsicana Daily Sun in 1941

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