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December 20, 1963

The wreckage of 1st Lieutenant Billy Coley's plane at Soc Trang Airfield 

SocT_1.jpg (20529 bytes) aaaaaaaaaa SocT_4.jpg (24983 bytes)

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The above images are of 1st Lieutenant Coley's O1-E FAC plane that did a nose dive over the end of the runway on Soc Trang Airfield on December 20 crashing into the drainage ditch next to the ammunition dump. First Lieutenant Coley and Donald Mollicone were the two crew members aboard. They were not stationed at Soc Trang, but stopped over for a short time, and were to fly  back to Bein Hoa. 

The pictures and information are the courtesy of William "Bill" Verebely.

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