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Bryan Game 1941

The Bryan Eagle, Saturday edition, October 18, 1941:

Bryan Broncos Are Defeated 19-7 By Ennis

Ennis Turns Break Into Lion Scores

All Points Are Made In Last Half Of Contest

Hard Fought Clash

Jackson Runs 65-Yards For Only Score Of Broncos

Ennis Oct. 17A husky Ennis Lion aggregation turned their opportunities into scores and defeated the Bryan Broncos 19-7 Friday night in a District 10-AA clash in Ennis.

It was an interesting ball game for spectators all the way, and was very much in doubt until the Lions scored their third touchdown after a blocked punt with time very short.

For a half it was a nip-an-tuck scoreless affair, Ennis having a little the best for the first quarter but the Broncos carrying the fight in the second.

Things happened in a hurry as the second half opened. On a crooked bounce the kickoff got past Bart Haltom and he got out only to the 12. On third down Frank’s punt to the 42 was returned to Bryan’s 31. In seven plays Cikanek and Mock carried over for the score, with Cikanek going around end for the final 10-yards. Pierce converted.

On the second play after the next kickoff Crow, speedy safety of the Lions, intercepted Haltom’s long pass on his own 47. Apparently bottled for a moment, he cut to his right and got loose with some nice blocking to race 53 for another tally and the Lions led 13-0 with the half hardly started.

Bryan Scores

The Broncos began to fight back and got into the ball game again on a beautiful punt return play just as the third period was closing. George Machos, who at this time was playing safety, took Crow’s punt and, just as he started to the left, handed the ball to James Jackson, who dashed to the right and down the sideline for a 65-yard score. He was aided by splendid blocking. His successful conversion made it 13-7.

In the fourth quarter the Broncos looked like they were on the move, when they made one first on the Ennis 48 and Franks got loose around end for 17-yards. But the latter play was called back and Bryan was penalized five, which stopped the drive. On fourth down the team gambled with a pass instead of a punt and it failed, putting them in the hole that later resulted in the final Ennis score.

Ennis drove down field for a first on the 11, but finally lost the ball on the six. Two plays netted but a yard, and Franks was swarmed as he tried to punt out.

Last Counter

Ennis covered on the five. Mock made only one at center, but then went over on a play on which Crow faked the ball to Rosprim, then handed to Mock. The game ended four plays after the kickoff, after Jackson made 12 on a Statue of Liberty, but fumbled.

In the first quarter Rosprim, huge Ennis fullback who has been moved to the backfield from the line, sparked the Ennis drive that carried to Bryan’s 19. In the second quarter Bart Haltom started hitting on his passes and the Broncos kept the Lions on the run with eight completions for 90-yards, going to their 20 once.

Defensive Stars

Clifford Kelley at left end for the Broncos looked mighty good and the Lions seldom did anything with plays directed at him and left tackle Bubba Barron. For the Lions Pierce and Houdek at guards showed up well, and Lavender, the center, was good against rushing plays.

The Broncos played the game with their team crippled quite a bit. Neither Morris Smith nor Charlie Hohn, starting guard, started, though both saw some service. G. W. Nevill also could play but a few minutes at his end. Haltom, with a hurt ankle, and tackle Bill Zak, who had been sick all week, could not play full time.

Starting Lineup

Bryan Ennis
No. Name Wt Pos No. Name Wt
72 Kelley 158 L.E. 21 Emerson 175
64 Barron 188 L.T. 38 Schoeps 155
70 Gomez, R. 129 L.G. 26 Houdek 175
56 Machos 160 C 30 Lavender 157
65 Terry 152 R.G. 45 Pierce 155
73 Zak 166 R.T. 44 Winterrowd 168
66 Cowart 154 R.E. 40 Gardiner 155
68 Thames 165 Q.B. 24 Crow 158
49 Haltom 153 R.H. 22 Mock 178
69 Jackson 180 L.H. 33 Cikanek 168
75 Franks 177 F.B. 34 Rosprim 205


Bryan: Smith, Murray, Nevill, Buckhalts, Mullins and Hohn

Ennis: Goodwin, Richter, Prachyl, Wright, Brooks, Smith and B. Pool


Bryan Description Ennis
8 First downs 8
41 Yards Gained Rushing 183
115 Yards Gained Passing 0
16 Yards Lost 30
140 Net Yards Gained 153
13 of 31 Passes Completed 0 of 2
0 Passes Intercepted By 2
6 for 178 Punts 5 for 167
29.7 Punting Average 33.2
1 Own Punts Blocked 0
3 for 83 Punts Returned 4 for 79
2 for 10 Penalties 0 for 0

Scoring By Periods

Teams 1st Qt. 2nd Qt. 3rd Qt.  4th Qt. Final Score
Bryan 0 0 7 0 7
Ennis 0 0 13 6 19


Bryan: Touchdowns--Jackson; Point after--Jackson

Ennis: Touchdowns--Cikanek, Crow and Mock; Point after--Pierce


The above article appeared in the Bryan Eagle in 1941

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