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Captain Byrne V. Baucom

Distinguished Service Cross

Captain (Air Service), U.S. Army
Observer, 1st Aero Squadron, Air Service, A.E.F.
Date of Action: November 5, 1918


The Distinguished Service Cross is presented to Byrne V. Baucom, Captain (Air Service), U.S. Army, for extraordinary heroism in action near Sedan, France, November 5, 1918. With atmospheric conditions such that flying was nearly impossible, Captain Baucom voluntarily undertook a flight as observer to locate the position of enemy troops and machine-gun nests which had been holding up our advance and causing severe casualties. Forced to fly at a very low altitude and subjected to almost constant antiaircraft, and rifle fire, he obtained the information that was vital to the success of our operations, and dropped the message at division headquarters. He then penetrated far into the enemy lines, and opening fire upon enemy crews routed them from a series of machine-gun nests. When his machine was finally shot down, he succeeded in operating the gun, and beat off an attack by the enemy in force. Armed only with revolvers and German grenades which they found in an enemy emplacement, he and his pilot then worked their way back to the American lines with valuable information, repeatedly subjected to enemy fire on their way.

General Orders 64, W.D., 1919
Birth: Milford, TX
Home Town: Milford, TX
Other Award: Distinguished Service Cross (WWI)

Biography of Byrne Virchow Baucom

The picture is courtesy of Mrs. Jenny Kellum, Red Oak, Texas. 

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