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5th Marine Division Baseball Champions of Camp Tarawa

The "Wornham Warriors" champions of the regimental baseball league, 5th Marine Division. 

TOP ROW left to right: Col. Thomas A. Wornham, Commanding Officer 27th Marines; Capt. Donald W. Swanson, scorekeeper; 2nd Lt. Earl F. Chambers Jr., assistant manager and pitcher; Sgt. Thomas B. McKelvey, catcher; Pfc. Malcolm L. Waite, pitcher; Cpl. Nick T. Pappas, pitcher; Cpl. Eddie R. Kittrell Jr., pitcher; Pvt. Clarence Breedlove, outfield; Col. Louis C. Plain; Ph. Mate 1st Class Laurence E. Allen, trainer; Maj. Thomas. M. Philpott, manager. 

MIDDLE ROW left to right: Pfc. Charles W. Hartsell, third base; Cpl. Frank S. Guerra Jr., outfield; Cpl. Louis Macrinotis, shortstop; Capt. William T. McCann, second base; 1st Lt. Jack Lummus, first base; 1st Lt. John T. Casey. 

BOTTOM ROW left to right: Staff Sgt. Casimir T. Kowalik, catcher; Pfc. Robert L. Crum, outfield; 1st Cook Arnold T. Atkins, pitcher; Pvt. F. E. Parmelarre, outfield; Pfc. W. A. Riggesbee Jr., pitcher.

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